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‘Worst ever’: Aussie backpacker finds ‘dead’ corpse on Australia’s back coast

A backpacker who found the corpse of a woman who had drowned in a remote Australian beach has described the discovery as the worst ever.

Key points:The woman, believed to be aged in her late 20s, was discovered by two backpackers at Kew’s Bay in Victoria’s south-west last weekThe backpackers called police but were unable to find the body The woman had a history of mental illness and was found lying in the water in the bay on SundayThe woman’s body has not been identified and is now in police custody for investigationKey pointsAn inquest is due to take place into the incident on TuesdayThe body was found at the shore of Kews Bay, Victoria’s southernmost townThe woman was travelling in her own motorhome, according to the coronerThe body of a 28-year-old woman has been found floating in a shallow grave on Victoria’s north-east coast, after being found at a remote beach.

The woman had been travelling in a motorhome on a backcountry road about 30 kilometres from Kewstraw in the state’s south, the Victorian Coroner’s Court heard on Monday.

The coroner’s jury will consider whether to open an inquest into the woman’s death on Tuesday.

The hearing is likely to focus on the circumstances surrounding the woman and her journey on the backcountry, and how the woman died.

She was found by two women who were not wearing life jackets, who went to Kewes Bay to investigate a report of an unconscious woman.

The women called police and did not find the woman, who had been lying in shallow water.

Two weeks ago, police received a report that a woman was unconscious and in a boat in the Kewe’s Bay area, and a man in a similar boat had been found in the same area with a woman.

The coroner’s inquest is expected to consider whether the woman in the motorhome died or whether she was in a watery grave.


When Android runs on a smartphone, you’re not going to be impressed

Android OS running on a handset is the new normal for Android devices, but there’s one significant caveat: While many of the most popular Android phones will run the OS, most smartphones will only run it on a specific device.

If you’re a fan of Android and don’t want to spend $200 or more to buy an Android phone, you should avoid buying one of these devices.

Here’s why:

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