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NHL’s latest update on trade deadline: Free agent-to-be Ryan Spooner reportedly traded to Canucks for a 2nd round pick

With the deadline looming on Wednesday, the NHL has updated the list of teams to acquire forwards and defensemen for next season.

The deadline will be Tuesday at 2:00 p.m.

ET (local time), with teams having until 1:00 a.m., Monday, to announce their selections.

This list is a snapshot of the top five most-anticipated players in the NHL for next year.

The Kings, Panthers, Blackhawks and Flames are all expected to make their moves, as well as the Canadiens, Oilers, Predators, Coyotes, Sabres, Canucks and Flyers. 

But that’s not the only teams that have been linked to Spooner.

The Calgary Flames, the New York Rangers and the New Jersey Devils are all rumored to be interested in Spooner, and he was reportedly in the mix for the Canucks and Rangers.

The Canucks also have some cap room, which could help them acquire a top-four defenseman in the draft.

The Canucks could use a defenseman for their bottom-six if Spooner is traded to the Wild.

The Predators, Flyers and Penguins are also rumored to have interest in Spooners services.

The Wild, Predators and Penguins will be competing for top-six forward spots next season, which is why the Wild could use an upgrade at the blueline if Spooners trade falls through.

The Penguins are hoping that Spooners departure will allow them to add another defenseman, but the Predators would love to have Spooner back if he does go to the Penguins.

The Lightning and Sabres would be interested if Spoonies trade falls apart, as the Lightning have an open spot on their roster after acquiring defenseman Alex Killorn.

Spooner would give them depth up front and could also help them on the blued list.

The Capitals would also love to see Spooner in Tampa if his departure to the Canucks happens, as he would bring a solid veteran presence in front of Nicklas Backstrom.

The Oilers are rumored to want Spooner as well, as they would be able to acquire a defensemen at the deadline.

The Coyotes could use him to fill out their bottom three, but Spooner could also give them a defenseman if he goes to the Islanders.

The Ducks, Kings, Flames and Panthers could be looking for defensemen, as Spooner has been linked with Anaheim.

The Ducks are rumored as being interested in his services, and the Ducks would love him to stay.

The Blackhawks would also like to have him in Chicago if he leaves, as there are rumors that the Blackhawks could use his services if they acquire another defenseman in return.

The Flyers would like to add him to their defense corps, as his presence on the blue line could help their offense next season and could help with his future in the league.

The Panthers would like him back, as it would allow them a lot of stability on the team next season if Spoony leaves.

The Rangers, Penguins and Sabres are all looking for offensive defensemen.

They have been rumored as wanting to add Spooner and would love for him to return to Carolina if he decides to leave.

Copland announces the latest Android-powered smartphones

Copland, an Austrian maker of mobile devices, has announced a smartphone based on Android 7.0 Nougat.

The smartphone, dubbed Copland Copland Plus, has been developed with the help of Android OEM partners.

Copland said the Copland copland Plus is the most powerful smartphone ever designed for smartphones, and that it features the best Android experience to date.

Coplander coplandPlus features: 1.

A 5-inch HD display with 1920×1080 resolution for maximum battery life.


A 2.5GHz quad-core processor with Adreno 540 GPU.


2GB RAM and 64GB internal storage with expandable storage up to 128GB.


Bluetooth 5.1 for wireless charging.


A Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset.

Copeland coplandplusPlus is available starting April 21.

Coplanders CoplandPlus smartphone will be available for purchase in Austria starting April 28.

How to Upgrade Your Apple iPhone to iOS 11.1

If you’re still having issues upgrading to iOS11.1, AppleInsider has you covered.

We’ve rounded up the easiest ways to get iOS11 updates ready for the iPhone.

iOS 11.0.1 is an upgrade for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch owners.

The new iOS 11 release brings an improved user interface and a few minor bug fixes.

AppleInsider also notes that iPhone users should upgrade to iOS 9.0 or earlier, which is the latest version of iOS that includes Apple’s iCloud and iCloud Drive services.

AppleInsiders says that it recommends installing the latest OS version if you’re upgrading from an older version of the operating system.

It’s a good time to upgrade to the latest iOS version if your iPhone has been running iOS 9 or older.

Apple released a beta for iOS 9 last month, and the company has since released a software update for the new OS.

For more, check out our guide to upgrading your Apple iPhone.

What’s on Ubuntu 15.10? We asked our experts to share the highlights of the next major release

Ubuntu 15 is the latest version of Ubuntu designed for the mainstream desktop, and it’s here that the software’s developers will be taking their cues from Apple.

Here’s a look at the big new features of the latest release: New Ubuntu Touch Features for Android The Ubuntu Touch keyboard and touchpad are the first major new feature in the OS.

They’re a little different from the standard keyboards and trackpads of iOS and macOS, and they’re also slightly smaller.

The new hardware also includes a redesigned touchpad, which is more comfortable to use and has a much nicer feel.

The trackpad is slightly smaller and lighter than the standard touchpad.

The screen is also slightly larger, which means it can display up to twice the resolution of the standard display.

These new touches will let users quickly swipe from a new app or menu to access the app or navigation controls, which will also be available on the desktop.

You can also tap a new icon on the left edge of the screen to go back to the previous menu.

New Notification Center for Android This new notification center is a lot more interesting.

It looks a lot like Apple’s Notification Center, but it’s designed to be a bit more user-friendly.

Instead of waiting for the notification to appear, you’ll get a notification instead.

There’s also a small slider that you can change the color of the icon.

And if you tap the icon, you can see a preview of what’s coming up next.

This feature is available in the Ubuntu Touch preview, and is only available in Ubuntu 15 for Android.

Ubuntu Touch OS on the Mac The Ubuntu Desktop also includes support for the new Mac OS X operating system.

The Mac OS, the most popular operating system in the world, has grown in popularity and power over the past few years.

But the operating system has been slow to catch up to the growing number of tablets and smartphones.

Apple is also looking to build on that success by introducing a new desktop version of the operating, and that’s where Ubuntu 15 will be built.

You’ll be able to choose from more than 100 Ubuntu applications and applications for the Ubuntu Desktop.

And that includes the GNOME 3 desktop, the Unity desktop, Ubuntu Media Center, and more.

There are also a bunch of new desktop widgets for applications, as well as the ability to add new desktop icons and other graphical elements.

Ubuntu 15 on the iPhone and iPad The new version of Linux and iOS has been designed for Apple’s hardware.

Ubuntu is designed to run on those devices, but there are still some differences between Ubuntu and Linux on iOS.

For one thing, there’s a more limited selection of apps for iOS.

And there are some things you can’t do on Android. 

The Ubuntu Touch phone and tablet release also brings the ability for developers to build apps for Ubuntu. 

These apps will be able run on both the Ubuntu desktop and on the iOS version of an app, which Ubuntu developers will get to choose. 

There’s a new version control system called Trello, which includes features like the ability of users to add and delete content and mark tasks.

You also get to edit your Trello entries.

The developer tools, called Unity, also get a major makeover, with the ability add multiple users and multiple projects.

And Ubuntu now offers a way to easily update Ubuntu’s software.

Ubuntu’s new version 15.04 is a long way off from the final version, but for the time being, the desktop OS is very much up to date. 

If you’re a Ubuntu user and you’ve been waiting to get the new operating system on your iPhone or iPad, you might be disappointed to find that this is not the case. 

You’ll have to wait for Ubuntu 15, which isn’t set to be released until next year.

How to fix your OpenBSD installation on a MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro is one of the most powerful laptops ever built, and one of OpenBSD’s most powerful operating systems.

But it’s also one of its most problematic, and this guide should help you get the most out of it.

This is the guide we use to get the OpenBSD install on our MacBook Pro, which is not only the fastest and most stable machine you can get on OpenBSD, but it also comes with a ton of features that make it ideal for developers, especially if you’re working on projects like an app store, or a mobile device.

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