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When Microsoft stops its Windows operating system for new Windows 10 devices

The operating system that Microsoft plans to stop for new devices by 2018 is no longer in place, but there is still plenty of room for future updates to make it a better fit for the future of Windows 10.

While the operating system is being pulled from Windows 10, the companies that make it are keeping their tools for creating software for the operating systems that use it.

Microsoft’s OS X operating system and its iOS and Android mobile platforms have continued to run in a closed beta.

Windows Phone, which is still under development, is not yet on the Windows 10 roadmap.

And while Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 platform is on the way to a stable release, there’s still no sign of it.

Windows 10’s successor is expected to come out by the end of the year, though it’s unclear if Microsoft plans on making it a permanent update for the OS.

Microsoft isn’t the only one looking at the future.

Google has also been working on a version of Android called Android 8.0.

The platform is expected by 2018 to arrive in the wild.

Windows is also expected to continue being updated.

The operating systems were designed for use by desktop computers, laptops, phones, tablets, and a variety of other devices.

Microsoft says its Windows 10 upgrade process is “well-established and well-supported.”

Windows 10 users will continue to get new software updates.

“As we continue to build the OS and deliver a variety to customers in the coming months, Windows 10 will be the default operating system on new devices, and new users will be able to start using the Windows experience even if they are not using a PC or laptop,” said a Microsoft spokeswoman.

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