Microsoft launches ‘Office 365’ for Android, iOS and Windows 10 on Thursday

Microsoft announced the release of its next-generation Office suite, the Office 365 suite, for Android and iOS devices.

The software will launch on Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS mobile platforms on Thursday, Jan. 20.

Microsoft said the Office suite will run on all Android and iPhone devices running the latest versions of Android and iPhones, and all iOS devices running iOS 10.

It also includes support for Google’s new “Open Document Format” (ODF) and Office Lens, the company said.

For Android and iPad users, the latest release of Office 365 includes a number of new features and refinements, including:More on the mobile operating systems:The company also launched a new version of its Office suite for Android that is aimed at businesses that are looking to expand their IT services.

The new version also includes new features for mobile users, such as a better, more secure, more robust cloud-based solution for collaboration and more secure access to documents, documents, contacts, calendars and calendars for corporate devices.

Office 365 is a free online software suite for organizations to quickly and easily manage, collaborate, collaborate across devices and share their work.

It provides enterprise-class cloud- and data-driven solutions for business users, delivering productivity and cost savings that help them succeed in the digital age.

The company has more than 70 million Office 365 customers worldwide.

For more information on Office 365, visit:

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