How to get your iPad to use Apple’s operating system

Apple’s iPad is one of the biggest successes of the mobile operating system’s existence.

The company launched the tablet in 2008 with an ungodly number of tablets and, since then, it’s made a number of notable devices, including the iPhone and the iPad Pro.

This week, Apple announced that it will officially support Android tablets starting with the iPad Air, with the next major release of the operating system scheduled for April 6.

Apple will also launch the new iPad Pro, which it hopes will sell around 2 million units worldwide in the next few years.

Apple’s support for Android tablets is a big deal for the company, because its hardware partners are the primary buyers of its devices, and that means that they’re often the ones buying Apple’s hardware.

But that’s not the only reason why Apple has so much success with Android tablets.

Android has a number to offer, too, from software to security.

As a platform, Android is an amazing opportunity for companies that have been in the business of developing Android-based mobile devices for years.

But it’s also a huge challenge for a company that’s still trying to figure out how to get its hands on a tablet that runs the operating systems that most people use.

“What makes it even more important is the fact that they don’t have the same operating system to play with,” said Michael Meeks, an analyst with research firm Gartner.

“For them, Android has become a really big deal.

And they want to get into that space.

In a world where you can make any app you want on any platform, they want that opportunity.”

To Apple, that means supporting all of the platforms that most users are already using.

“We want to give them the same platform that they use on their iPhone and iPad,” Apple’s senior vice president of product management, Craig Federighi, told reporters at a recent event.

“It’s not just about the hardware.”

Apple’s support of Android is so significant that it could also help the company expand the number of Android tablets that it sells, since Android has the most devices in the world.

The iPad Air is the most popular Android tablet in the US, with around 5 million units sold so far, according to the research firm IDC.

Android tablets have been around since 2010, and it’s been the platform that Apple has been most reliant on for years, because it’s easier to make an app that runs on the operating environment than on iOS.

It’s also the one platform that many people have had a lot of difficulty with.

The Android OS is a completely open-source platform, meaning that the developer community is able to create apps for Android without any restrictions.

There’s no hardware restrictions, no restrictions on features.

But that means the apps have to be very easy to build.

Apple has to work hard to make sure that it can support Android in all the ways that it wants to.

And it has to be careful to make its apps easy to install, since the process of making a new app that supports Android can take weeks or even months.

So how does Apple support Android on tablets?

First, the OS is built on top of Android.

With Android, developers are able to make apps that run on the device and, through that, to run on an Android-powered device, such as an iPhone or iPad.

That means that Android is a great platform for developers to work with, since they can quickly and easily create new apps that support the OS.

And, because of the open nature of the platform, the developer ecosystem is huge.

Google has over a billion developers worldwide, and over 2 million of those are in the United States, according, according the App Developers Conference.

Apple is the only major company that hasn’t made a move to get involved in that ecosystem.

However, there’s a catch.

Android apps can only run on Android devices running the latest version of Android, and Apple isn’t allowed to support any newer versions of Android than the one running on the iPhone 6S and later.

That’s because the iPhone is one-and-a-half years old and the Nexus 6P, a Nexus 5X, and the new Pixel 2 are all on newer versions.

And there’s nothing that Apple can do about that.

For that reason, Apple isn’s biggest concern is that the platform will eventually get old and stop working.

And that’s what makes Android tablets so popular.

There are a lot more Android tablets on the market than there are devices running Android, which means that the market for them will continue to grow.

If Apple were to support Android as much as it has on iOS, the company would have a lot less reason to do so, and could continue to be a great partner to its partners.

Even though Apple is a relatively new entrant in the Android tablet space, it

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