How to unlock a Windows Phone 8.1 tablet

It’s a big step for Microsoft, which has been pushing its Windows 8.0 OS to Android and iOS devices in a bid to attract developers and publishers. 

Now, the Redmond company has confirmed that it’s also working on a new operating system for the Windows Phone family, codenamed Windows Phone Phone 8X, which will be aimed at the tablet market. 

“The Windows Phone Family is designed to take the best of the Windows experience and deliver a new and unique tablet experience,” a Microsoft spokesperson told AusTeleport.

“Windows Phone 8 is designed with a new approach to hardware design to deliver a device that’s smaller, lighter and more powerful.”

Microsoft also confirmed that Windows Phone OS 8X will be “fully compatible” with Windows Phone 7, with its developers, publishers and advertisers having full access to the Windows API.

Microsoft has also confirmed the device will feature a 10.1-inch IPS touchscreen with an 8-megapixel camera, and a 4GB of RAM.

The handset is expected to launch in February, with a price tag of $499.

“Windows Phone has a long and rich history of delivering devices that offer great value, and Windows Phone will continue to be a key focus for our business,” the spokesperson said.

“We are also excited about the opportunity to expand the Windows platform beyond the Windows Store.”

Microsoft has previously confirmed that a Windows 10 tablet would be launching in 2018, and that Microsoft has been developing its own operating system. 

However, the company’s statement on the tablet OS 8.

X suggests that this is not the case. 

According to AusTeleporation, Microsoft is “actively developing a new Windows Phone-specific operating system”, codenared Windows Phone.

This is likely to be called Windows Phone X, or just Windows Phone for short. 

Microsoft’s move to support Windows Phone devices is significant, as the company has been criticised for not being as active in the tablet ecosystem as it should have been. 

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced a new Android operating system called Android L, which was targeted at Windows Phone and tablets. 

Google’s Android platform has been one of the main reasons for Microsoft’s recent success in the Android ecosystem, as it’s a major player in the device ecosystem, and is currently running Android phones and tablets at a level previously only seen on iOS devices. 

The Android platform is a major threat to Microsoft’s dominance in the Windows smartphone market, as Google is increasingly pushing its own Android mobile operating system on Android devices, which is also an attempt to take its own smartphone platform to a wider audience. 

Apple’s iOS platform, however, has been a major factor in Microsoft’s success in mobile devices, with the company having a market share of more than 40 per cent in the US market, according to market research firm Sensor Tower. 

Android is the most popular mobile operating systems in the world, with Microsoft being the third biggest smartphone vendor in the country behind Samsung and HTC. 

With the Android platform, Microsoft has also been able to provide an easy way for users to switch to a Windows phone. 

Windows Phone owners can switch between Windows 10, Windows Phone 9, and Android L on their Windows phones, allowing them to enjoy the same apps and services as Windows 10 and Windows phone users on Windows phones. 

Despite this, Microsoft’s Windows Phone adoption has been slow, and with the tablet platform being so dominant in the market, Microsoft needs to start building a more robust Windows phone ecosystem if it is to succeed in the mobile market.

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