Windows 10: What you need to know about the next major version of Microsoft’s operating system

Microsoft is taking a major step toward creating a new version of its operating system called Windows 10.

It has been nearly two years since Microsoft released the first version of Windows 10, called Windows 8.1, which came with a variety of security and stability improvements, and it is now clear that Microsoft will be making a significant upgrade to the operating system for Windows 10 this year.

According to TechRadar, Microsoft is planning to make an update to Windows 10 called Windows Insiders Preview for Windows (WS-Insiders) that will introduce a new feature called Insider status, which is similar to what Apple does with its App Store.

WS-Insider for Windows will feature an app store similar to that found in iOS and Android.

While Insider status will be part of Windows Insider for iOS and Windows 10 Insider for Android, the app store will be available for Windows Insulator for Windows 8 and Windows Insulators for Windows 7.

In other words, Windows Insols will be able to be installed on PCs and other devices that have been approved for the OS.

The WS-insiders for Windows release will be live on October 1.

The new feature will be released in an update called Windows Insider for Windows.

The Insider update will be the first to come to Windows Insumers in more than two years.

In addition to being the first major update to the OS, the WS-iniders update will include a slew of other improvements and fixes.

While the Insider version of the OS will come with the new features, the actual Insider status update will not come with any of them.

For now, the update will only include fixes for security vulnerabilities, but it’s likely that the actual security fixes will be included in the next Insider update.

If you’re not already familiar with Windows Insists for Windows, you can check out TechRadars guide to how to install the WS Insiders for WS Insider update on your computer.

Microsoft says that there are currently only a few million devices on the market, so the Insiders update is not a massive update for a platform that has more than 20 million devices.

However, with Windows 10 being an update that comes with a bunch of security fixes, it’s expected that there will be a substantial amount of customers that will want to install and update their computers.

As far as the overall user experience, Windows 10 will be built with mobile first in mind.

The OS will support both the Continuum and the Continuos interface.

Microsoft is hoping to make it easy for users to switch between Continuum experiences on the fly and for them to move between devices that support the new operating system.

The Windows Insids for Windows update is the first time in years that Microsoft has released an Insider build for its OS.

Microsoft will continue to support the OS through the end of 2019. 

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